Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers


Prof. Maricar S. Prudente

De La Salle University, Philippines


Dr. Maricar S. Prudente is presently a Full Professor 10 of the Science Education Department of De La Salle University-Manila. Professor Prudente completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology at Ehime University as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Ronpaku Fellow. As an educator, Dr. Prudente has served as administrator in various capacities at De La Salle University and as resource person and coordinator in various training programs dealing with research, environmental issues, science education, technology integration, and educational action research. In the field of science education, Dr. Prudente’s research work is focused on action research and the integration of technology and development of 21st century skills in the teaching of science. Dr. Prudente is currently involved in an international collaborative project with Erasmus+ Foundation on Action Research To Innovate Science Teaching (ARTiST). Prof. Prudente is a recipient of the 2015 Lifetime National Achievement Award given by the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP). Recently, Prof. Prudente was recognized as the 2018 Outstanding Filipino JSPS Fellow in the field of Education by Department of Science and Technology of the Philippine government.



Prof. Yusliza Mohd-Yusoff

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), Malaysia


Prof. Yusliza Mohd Yusoff received the B.B.A degree in human resource management from Universiti Putra Malaysia in 1999, the M.B.A degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2005, and the Ph.D. degree in administrative science from Universiti Teknologi MARA in 2009. From 2009 to 2016, she was a senior lecturer with the Graduate School of Business, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Since July 2016, she joined the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Development, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. She is the author of more than 100 articles, with the H-index (Scopus) = 17 and H-Index (Web of Science) = 13. Her research interests are organizational and behavioural studies, human resource management, green human resource management, employee ecological behaviour, international human resource management (international students adjustment), and electronic human resource management.


Title: Unlocking the Relationship between Green Human Resource Management and Employee Ecological Behavior
Abstract: Despite the significant economic contributions of all industries, it is also considered an emerging concern for its negative impact on the environment. Given the severity of today’s negative environmental impact, companies all over the world are increasingly making green concepts a key component of their corporate environmental strategies. As an essential complement to corporate environmental strategy, employees’ ecological behavior has received attention from all sectors of society. Employee ecological behavior contributes to achieve sustainability goals of an organization. Accordingly, there is a need to investigate how sustainable practices, such as green human resource management (HRM) practices, foster employee ecological behavior. Green HRM is a prominent stimulus of employees’ ecological behavior, but its relationship continues to receive inadequate scholarly attention. Therefore, this study offers a deeper understanding of the interconnected mechanisms that promote employee ecological behavior and eventually guide organizational best practices. Green HRM promotes a green atmosphere in which employees can contribute to a safer and healthier environment. This article further contributes to the literature of behavioral HRM and focuses on the green side of HRM to contribute to the environmental management literature as well as providing insight among employees’ perceptions of green HRM practices, which will create an impact on their future green workplace behaviors. It also provides valuable insights for environmental researchers, managers, and policymakers to reform green HRM practices to promote green behavior in the workplace.



Assoc. Prof. Mitsunori Hirogaki

Kyushu University, Japan


Mitsunori Hirogaki graduated Bachelor of Science Major in Commerce in Doshisha University and pursued his Master's Degree in Commerce and Ph. D in Commerce in Kobe University.
Dr. Hirogaki is currently an Associate Professor of Marketing Strategy at Kyushu University, Graduate School of Economics, Department of Business and Technology Management (QBS Business School), where he teaches Marketing Strategy and International Marketing.
Dr. Hirogaki is currently an Associate Professor of Marketing Strategy at Kyushu University, Graduate School of Economics, Department of Business and Technology Management (QBS Business School), where he teaches Marketing Strategy and International Marketing. He has been involved in big data analysis projects, as a member of a research group at the Center for the Study of the Creative Economy (Doshisha University), he works with big data analysis to construct systems that identify seeds of innovation.
Dr. Hirogaki’s current research focuses on Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior in international marketing and marketing strategies in mature, developed societies. He is a member of Japanese Economic Association, Japan Society of Marketing and Distribution, and Japan Association for Consumer Studies.


Title:Post-Pandemic Store Loyalty Strategies: Lessons from Japan
Abstract: After three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, retail marketing is moving toward normalcy, as is society.  However, the experience of the pandemic, especially the lockdown/state of emergency and the resulting significant changes in the retail environment at that time, provided useful clues for effective future retail marketing. In this speech, store loyalty studies in Japan will be used as a basis for reflecting on effective post pandemic retail marketing in Asia.



Assoc. Prof. Fatima Azmi

Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia

Fatima M. Azmi is an associate professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Sciences at Prince Sultan University. She received her B.S. degree in Mathematics from King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA, and her M. A. and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. She has over 20 years of teaching and research experience in the field of Mathematics. She taught graduate and undergraduate courses and supervised graduate students. She has also trained high school students in Saudi Arabia and prepared them for the International Math Olympiad Competition. She is a reviewer of many ISI and Scopus journals and has extensive publications in reputed journals in various areas of mathematics, and she received many grants for her research. She was an Asia Chair and invited speaker at the 6th International Conference on Education and Multimedia Technology in Guangzhou, China, 2022. Her current research interest includes Fixed point theorem on metric type spaces, Mathematics Education, Education and Technology, C*-algebras, Fréchet*-algebras, and Noncommutative Geometry.



Dr. Simon K.S. Cheung

Hong Kong Metropolitan University, China


Dr. Cheung is currently the Director of IT at the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. He received his BSc and PhD in Computer Science and Master of Public Administration from the City University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong respectively. He was admitted as IET fellow, IMA fellow, BCS fellow, CMA fellow, HKIE fellow, HKCS fellow. He is active in research, with over 200 publications in the form of books, book chapters, journal articles and conference papers in two distinct areas, namely, technology in education, and software and system engineering. He won the Outstanding Research Publication Award from the Open University of Hong Kong in 2016, 1st class Achievement in Computer and IT from Shenzhen Science and Technology Association in 2016, 1st class Outstanding CIO Award from the Hong Kong IT Joint Council in 2015, and Honoree for IT Excellence from the CIO Asia in 2015. He has been listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering since 2007.


Title: The Journey of Hybrid Cloud Deployment of University Enterprise Systems
Abstract: Hybrid cloud deployment aims to achieve the right cost-performance balance for enterprise systems,  especially during seasonal peaks of concurrent accesses and transactions. This presentation shares the successful experience of hybrid cloud deployment of a university student administration system which used to handle a large volume of concurrent accesses and transactions at seasonal peaks such as during course enrolment periods. Typical in enterprise systems, a three-tier implementation model is adopted, comprising a web tier, an application tier and a database tier. In our implementation, the web tier and application tier are deployed on hybrid cloud with the databases being resided on premises. In this presentation, the technical implementation is described, and the challenges are discussed. Technical evaluation is conducted to estimate the costs and system performance under different environmental settings, and show how the right cost performance balance can be derived.